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MonjaDB is a MongoDB GUI client tool for rapid application development. It aims to provide a thoroughly straightforward way of updating MongoDB documents. It runs on Windows/Mac/Linux.

MonjaDB has been developed as a plugin for Eclipse, so you will need to have Eclipse installed.


- Easy to use
- WYSIWYG editing on JSON/Table/Tree of MongoDB documents.
- Very flexible window management (thanks to the Eclipse rich client platform).
- "Actions" is a powerful Macro-like function. It has high compatibility with "mongo" - the MongoDB standard client application.
- Cross-Platform ( Windows, Mac, Linux ).
- Published as open-source code.

Available Eclipse Views/Dialogs

>> Connection Dialog

  You can use two types of connections: Normal TCP connection and connection via SSH local port forwarding to MongoDB.

>> DB Tree

  The "DB Tree" view shows databases and collections in tree-view.

>> DB List

  The "DB List" view shows the list of databases.

>> Collection List

  The "Collection List" view shows the list of the collections in the selected database.

>> Document List

  The "Document List" view shows the documents found by an arbitrary "find" query. The documents are shown in table-view. You can update the value of the fields by double clicking.


  The "JSON" view shows the document selected in the "Document List" view as JSON. You can directly update the document by editing and choosing the "Save" button. Notice that, in some cases, data types are changed (e.g., Integer to Double, etc..). If you want to preserve current data types, simply use the "Document Editor" view instead.

>> Document Editor

  The "Document Editor" view shows the document selected in the Document View in tree-view. It can be used to change values as well as data types. Using this view is the most recommended way to update documents on MonjaDB.

>> Actions

  The "Actions" view is used to manage actions. On MonjaDB, each operation you make is treated as text-based data called "Actions." When the same or very similar operations are repeated, you can use this view as a shortcut to avoid GUI manipulation. "Actions" can be thought of as a CLI (Command-Line Interface) or a Macro-like function of MonjaDB.

>> Saved Actions

  Actions can be saved using the "Saved Actions" view. It works like a "bookmark" function on web browsers. Two or more actions can be grouped into one "Saved Actions" item.

>> JavaScript on MongoDB Server

  This view simply calls the JavaScript "eval()" function on the connected MongoDB Server.



Install from Eclipse

Update Site is available at
( What is "update site"? see here.)

Manual Install

Put this jar file under the "YOUR_ECLIPSE/plugins/" directory and reboot Eclipse.


- Eclipse installed
- Java Runtime Environment( JRE ) 1.5 or Higher

Source Codes

Source codes are available on GitHub

Thanks to

- 10GEN for MongoDB.
- FAMFAMFAM for icons.
- JCraft, Inc. for JSch.

>> Tools:
Doorman Eclipse Plugin

>> Latest files:

>> Contact:
twitter: @kinyuka

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