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Doorman Eclipse Plugin is a local HTTP/HTTPS proxy server tool for manual web application testing.
It can be used as a HTTP DEBUGGER.
For web developers and web pen-testers.

This tool is developed as a plugin for Eclipse.


- Published as open source code
- Witten in Java
- Native GUI Interface
- Cross Platform ( Windows/Mac/Linux )
- HTTPS is supported. Other SSL library ( like OpenSSL ) is not needed.
- You can intercept and modify HTTP requests and responses using breaks.
- You can hide certain traffics( like images ) using filters.
- Support for multibyte languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc. You can choose fonts and encodings.
- With "DoormanHook" plugin, you can inject your Clojure code so that extend the proxy functionality.
- With "DoormanJSHook" plugin, you can inject your JavaScript code.

Install from Eclipse

Update Site is available at


- Eclipse installed
- Java Runtime Environment( JRE ) 1.4 or Higher for Doorman Eclipse Plugin
- Java Runtime Environment( JRE ) 1.5 or Higher for Doorman Hook Extension
- Java Runtime Environment( JRE ) 1.6 or Higher for Doorman JSHook Extension


First, you need to open the "Doorman Perspective" with:
- "Doorman -> Activate Doorman" from menu, or
- "Window -> Open Perspective -> Other", then select Doorman.

Next, start the proxy server with:
- "Doorman -> Start Proxy"

Default proxy location is "".

Screen Shots

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